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5 content prompts to help Realtors engage with their audience online

From lead generation, to meeting with clients, sending contracts, ordering title searches… the list goes on and on. As a real estate agent your day is already so jam packed it’s hard to even think about adding a new thing to your growing task list: social media marketing. But there’s this constant nagging feeling in the back of your mind: “post on Instagram, post on Pinterest!”

It’s no secret that an active social media presence has become a key part of building a successful real estate business and attracting high quality leads. It’s not just important for getting your name out there so that new potential clients can find you. It’s also an important tool to show your audience what type of Realtor you are. If you’re doing a good job with your social media accounts, potential clients who are considering working with you are likely to check out your social media presence to hopefully get a better sense of you and your business style.

This is your opportunity to build trust with your local community.

Choosing the right agent to represent a client’s sale is a really personal choice. You are helping them with one of the biggest purchases of their life and working with an Realtor a client feels they connect with will make all the difference. If you match up well with your clients, then they’ll also likely become raving fans and recommend your service to their own circle.

Building an active and engaging social network that reflects your personality and business style shouldn’t take more than a few minutes a day. They key is not to over think it and to just share, share, share! Being open and authentic with the social content you post is going to attract the right kind of contacts into your network.

Here are 5 content marketing tips you can use in each social channel as inspiration to create authentic posts to connect with your target audience:

  1. What is a common question you get asked from your clients?

You can easily turn this prompt into a whole series of posts, each answering a common question you get asked. But for now, just focus on the one question you find yourself answering the most.

Sharing this question and your answer with your potential buyers show them how you’re likely to answer this question as if you were their realtor. It also shows your audience that they’re not alone on the questions or hesitations that they have. It puts them at ease and helps to position you as a trustworthy resource for their real estate questions.

  1. What is the number one, most expensive mistake you see people make when entering the market? What is your alternate advice on how to avoid this mistake?

Are you seeing home buyers get too focused on one shiny listing and then all other listings you show them are not really being considered, even though you know they might be a better investment for them? What tips or techniques have you developed over the years to help change your client’s perspective?

What other mistakes do you see that you know are costing your clients money and what are your tips for avoiding these mistakes?

  1. If a potential customer is prepared to invest $500 in their property before listing it, where do you recommend that they spend it?

What are some of the biggest payoffs you’ve seen clients invest in over the years? Is it a new kitchen sink? Is it a professional cleaning or re-painting? We all know that renovating kitchens and bathrooms can have a big impact when it comes to selling a home, but not all clients are in the position to spend that kind of money. But almost everyone can invest $500 to make some small improvements. Reach a large audience with your best advice answering this question.

  1. What are the signs your client might be walking into a bad deal?

Nothing is more terrifying to a client than the thought that they might be paying too much, or not getting what their property is worth. Whether they are buying their first home or selling to downsize. A home often makes up a significant portion of someone’s net worth or retirement plan and so getting a bad deal is most certainly causing them stress.

What are some of the signs of a bad deal you’ve seen over the years and how did you help your clients navigate sale? Or get out of it all together?

This is one of my favorite prompts. Having recently purchased my own first home, I had serious hesitations regarding how I was being represented by my agent. I didn’t know if they just wanted the deal to be over and so I was being told it was a good deal, or if in fact I had offered the right purchase price.

Showing your clients that you’re willing to help them walk away from a poor investment or to decline an offer shows them you’re 100% invested in their success instead of just completing the transaction as quickly as possible.

  1. What is a misconception in the news about the Real Estate Industry right now?

This content prompts is again, all about building trust with your audience and becoming a trusted thought leader for real estate advice. Don’t overlook how comfortable you are with market insight updates. Small shifts in the market you might take for granted are most likely not something that your clients and leads are following as closely. If you can share a real estate fact with them on a regular basis, you can position yourself as a go-to resource for not only the updates, but also advice on how to react to these market changes.

You never know when someone in your audience might raise their hand and become a lead, and ultimately a home buyer or home seller. Some people sit quietly for years while they save for their first home and then when they’re ready, they’ll need to find an agent to represent them. If they’ve been seeing that you’re open with your knowledge and advice, you’ll certainly be a better candidate to represent them than the agents who haven’t been building their social strategy in this way.

These prompts are only 5 from a collection of 101 unique content ideas that I’ve developed, along with a Complete Social Media Kit designed specifically for Realtors to help you take your social media presence to the next level, in just a few hours of work a month. Complete with graphic templates for a wide variety of post types, video tutorials to show you how to customize the templates to your brand, a guide to finding amazing free stock images to build brand awareness and make your social media content look professional. Included is our automation guide to putting your social posts on autopilot.

Are you ready to take your social media game and real estate brand to the next level in just a few hours of work a month?

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