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5 best die cutting machines for home crafters 2022 (Reviewed)

If you're a crafter, you know that die cutting machine, such as a Cricut maker, is an essential tool for creating precise patterns and shapes to create intricate craft projects. But with so many die cutting machines on the market, it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. Today, there are a wide variety of machines and helpful tools available, that's why I've put together this guide to the 5 best die cutting machines for your crafting needs.

5 best die cutting machines of 2022
5 best die cutting machines of 2022

What is a die cutting machine?

The die cut machine was invented by the American company Provo Craft. They released it in 1992 with the goal of “helping crafters create beautiful projects”. It has been used to create invitations, homemade cards, scrapbooks, quilting projects and many other paper crafts.

A die cutting machine, like a Cricut maker as an example, is a helpful tool that cuts paper, heavy card stock, vinyl and a variety of materials with a die. The most common use of the die cut machine is in scrapbooking to cut shapes from card stock or paper, cutting vinyl to make labels and stickers, making greeting cards and a variety of other projects whether you're a home crafter, or a side hustler with a small business.

The process of using a die cut machine is simple. All you need to do is place your material on the cutting bed and run it through the sharp blade.

Die cutting machines can be divided into two main categories: manual die cutters and automatic die cutters with advanced features. Manual die cutters require you to operate the machine using your hands; automatic die cutters use computer-controlled blades to create the desired pattern. Die cut machines come in many different sizes and styles to suit your needs.

Some die cutting machines, like the Cricut Maker, allow you to buy templates, or design them yourself using your favorite design software, and upload them into the cutter for making unique designs. You can use design software that allows you to export digital designs as an SVG file such as Adobe Illustrator or Canva.

Which type of die cutting machine is right for you depends on your project and personal preferences, the variety of materials you might want to cut and if you want to create custom designs or use purchased templates. If you want to operate the machine using your hands, you can choose a manual die cutter. Automatic die cutters, or an electronic cutter, use computer-controlled blades to create the desired pattern.

Paper hearts cut with die cutting machine
Paper hearts cut with a die cutting machine

How to use a die cut machine?

There are a few things to keep in mind when using a die cut machine. First, be sure that the machine is properly calibrated and that the knife blade is sharp. Second, make sure your material is flat and of even thickness so that the die is cut accurately. Finally, be sure to follow the machine's instructions carefully; improper use can result in inaccurate or incomplete die cuts.

Die cut machines are used to create shapes out of paper. The die cut machine cuts through the paper, leaving the shape behind.

The die cut machine is a simple tool that can be used to create a variety of different shapes and designs out of paper.

In this section, we will discuss how to use a die cut machine in four steps:

1. Design the product and make sure it fits into your die-cutting machine.

2. Select your material type, such as cardstock, fabric, sticky-back vinyl or felt.

3. Make sure that the material is positioned correctly on the cutting bed.

4. Run the die cut machine through the material and remove the finished piece.

Quilling papers cut with a die cutting machine
Quilling papers cut with a die cutting machine

How to use die cuts without a machine?

Die cut is a type of paper punch which is used to create shapes and designs on paper. It can be done by hand or with the help of a die cutting machine.

A die cut machine usually consists of a blade, a punch, and an arm that moves back and forth to push the chosen material type through the machine. The blade cuts the shape from the paper while the punch creates it.

Using die cuts without a machine is not as easy as it sounds. You would need to use scissors or craft punches which are not always precise enough for intricate designs or shapes.

1) Use a rotary blade cutter and a self-healing mat.

Consider using a rotary blade cutter if you are cutting your designs out of fabric, felt or another fibrous material. Keep in mind that cutting intricate shapes and curves can be very difficult to execute with this particular technique. Additionally, while a rotary blade is capable of cutting through several layers of fabric at once, layering thicker materials might make the cutting process a bit more challenging.

2) Use a craft knife, ruler and cutting mat.

This is the best option to consider if your design contains a lot of straight lines.

3) Use an X-acto knife and cutting mat.

Using an X-acto knife and cutting mat will give you the most control over the width and depth of the cut over any other manual method.

4) Scissors

Another way is to cut out the shape using scissors and then glue it onto another surface.