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35 social media posts realtor's can use to attract more buyers and sellers

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. Whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, these platforms play a huge role in connecting us with friends and family. They also provide an opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers.

With over 2 billion active monthly users, Facebook is the largest social channel in the world. In addition to being a great way to stay connected, it’s also a powerful marketing tool. According to a study conducted by Hubspot, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family.

To get more exposure, realtors should post photos and videos on social media. These posts can include images of homes, listings, and even testimonials.

Realtors often struggle to get their message across through social media. They want to share information about their listings, but they don’t know where to start. It can be difficult to come up with relevant content and a unique social media post idea for your target market.

Gone are the days of being able to create any old post and simply throwing in a real estate hashtag.

Nowadays, in order to reach new real estate customers, you need to be organized with a content calendar. We're here to help you with that.

Here are 35 real estate social media posts ideas agents can use to attract more clients and sell homes faster.

1. New Listing Post

You'll never know who's buying a house next. Make sure you update your social network with new listings to bring hype to your new homes! Add key details about the houses - how many bedrooms and bathrooms? How does the inside and outside look like? Finally, include a link to the website.

2. Contest or Giveaways

Who doesn't like free stuff? Schedule regular contests for your loyal fans. Just make sure to clarify your contest rules clearly, respond to questions promptly, and don't forget to post a picture of the winner (with their prize!) after the contest ends. Note: Social media sites have set guidelines about contests. It's to your benefit to read them through.

3. Helpful tips or information

Be a credible source of information! You can post local real-estate news or tidbits of information about buying or selling. Add an excerpt from the story, or share some personal thoughts. Remember: People are more likely to click your list if the information is unique and truly helpful.

4. Local business news and events

Potential buyers want to know more about your community before buying a house. Posting about relevant events around the neighbourhood and features on booming businesses regularly shows that the community you're specializing in is thriving and worth investing in.

5. Post something funny

Posting something funny can go a long way to make you appear approachable and personable as a real estate agent. Using memes, gifs, light-hearted animations and funny personal stories is a great way to show your potential clients your personal side. Presenting a humorous persona on social media can help your potential clients build a connection with you, before you've ever even had the chance to shake their hand.

6. Real estate tips

Create a real estate social media post that includes a helpful tip for your potential clients is an excellent way to establish your authority as an expert in your niche and neighbourhood. You'll not only present yourself as a trusted resource of real estate information, but people will also come to value your opinion which could make a future home purchase or sale that much more smooth.

7. Video home tours

Posting a video home tour of a property in your niche neighbourhood or region is an excellent way for future clients to get to know the area, especially if they're not currently nearby and just getting into researching the area.

Not sure how to make a home tour video?

No problem. You have a few options here. You can either hire a professional to do this service for you, or if your budget is a night tighter, you can use a software such as Teliportme to create your own video home tour using just your mobile phone.

Don't currently have a listing to promote?

Ask a fellow real estate professional who has a great listing if you can create a video home tour of their listing. This will still give you some great content o post on your social media channel, but you'll also strengthen a relationship with your colleague by helping them to promote their listing, and last but not least, the practice will help you become more comfortable with creating engaging, informative home tour videos.

8. Post a home of the week

Another great way to create some real estate content is to create a post featuring a listing for sale.

Talk about the highlights and notable features of the property.

You don't even need to have your own listing to promote. Ask a colleague in the real estate industry if you can feature one of their properties. This will give you something interesting to post about, and in return, when you have a listing to promote, they might return the favour and promote your listing on their social media feeds.

9. Share a real estate client testimonial

You've worked hard, found the perfect new home for your client, and they're completely happy with the service you provided. Don't let your client's enthusiasm go to waste. Make sure to collect a review from every client, the good and the negative. Share your success stories on social media for everyone to see how you performed for your client. And any negative reviews can be used to improve your service.

10. Post a day-in-the-life video

Choosing a realtor to present a sale or a purchase of a home can be an overwhelming decision for many clients. Stand out to your potential buyers and sellers by creating engaging social media content that makes you seem personable and passionate about your work.

Demystify some common misconceptions that clients might have about the daily work life of a real estate agent. Capture the moments where you're working the hardest for your clients in a short video and share it on your social media channels.

11. Post a day-in-the-life-living-here video

Video is one of the best ways to communicate what it might feel like to live in a different home, or a different neighbourhood. Use a whole day in your listing to capture quick snapshots at various times throughout the day to show potential buyers what it might feel like to live in your listing.

Snap some video of the morning sunlight coming into the master bedroom. Capture a scene showing what it's like to enjoy breakfast in the kitchen. Showcase how the afternoon sun lights up the trees in the backyard. And show them how quiet the back porch can be at dusk.

12. Take a poll

Using your social media audience to collect a poll can be a great way to boost engagement, as well as collect an email address from leads.

Your poll can be about something serious like ranking the important of nearby amenities in a neighbourhood, or it can be about something more light-hearted such as asking what your audience's favourite color for a front door it.

Use this chance to personally respond to each poll response and connect with new potential clients.

13. Post free resources

Did the national bank just release a new piece of information about the interest rates? This type of information can be confusing to many clients who are not educated in real estate. Take this chance to summarize the update into a concise and clear document. Then link to it in a social media post. This is a also a great pice of content to turn into a blog post.

14. Create a post series

No one like a boring and predicable social media feed. Keep your subscribers from hitting the dreaded unfollow button by posting engaging and informative video content.

Consider running a video series on a weekly or monthly basis. The frequency isn't as important as your consistency. Choose a schedule you know you'll be able to stick to.

Need some content ideas? Try creating video series about listings you'd found on the internet that have been listed for a very long time. Offer some insights as to why you think it might not be selling and offer some tips from both the perspective of a buyer and a seller. What would you do differently as the listing agent, or what would you recommend your clients invest in to attract some offers. And from a potential buyers perspective, what would be some things you'd advise your clients to look out for if considering buying that property.

15. Post about your volunteer and community service

Do you help out in your community? Do you coach little league, work at a soup kitchen, or financially support a charity? Don't be shy about your good deeds and let people know about the causes you care about.

16. Post a real estate fact

Real Estate Facts don't have to sound boring and Serious. Try to break up real estate talk by sharing Interesting Info about your local area. Including some trivia about the houses you sell which you don't normally include in your sales spiel. Finally, use relevant & high quality photo to keep your fun facts indeed fun to look at!

17. As me anything

Take this chance to answer common questions. You can create a post inviting people to ask you their burning real estate questions and then turn those questions into their own standalone post where you include your answer.

If an answer is particularly long, or nuanced, this is an excellent opportunity to record yourself answering the question. Video consistently garners the highest level of engagement across all social media channels.

19. Partnerships and business spotlights

Do you have a favourite neighbourhood coffee shop you like to frequent? Small businesses are usually very keen to have someone help to promote their business and you should consider making it part of your social media strategy. Approach the management and ask if they'd be interested in offering a small discount or promotion that you can share to your social media audience.

Promoting partnerships with small businesses in the area shows that you're invested in the success and health of the community.

20. Share an investment tip

If your clients had $500, $5,000 or $50,000 to invest in the property they're looking to sell, where would you recommend they spend the money that will get them the greatest return on their investment? What are some things to consider as a first-time home-buyer?

21. Share a how-to guide

Is there a particular home maintenance task that you repeatedly see being forgotten in the homes you show to clients? Help your potential clients avoid these mistakes and share a quick how-to guide on taking care of that part of their home.

22. Share your expert advice

Once you've been a real estate agent for a number of years, you will have seen several trends come and go. Don't keep this knowledge and experience to yourself. Share it with to your different social media accounts and built trust with them.

Share your expert advice about the best time of the year to sell, the paint color that appeals to the largest number of first-time buyers, the best way to disclose a known quirk or defect with the home.

23. Just listed and just sold

This post type is one of the most obvious type of social media marketing but it is still worth mentioning. Helping your clients to buy or sell a home is a huge milestone, in any real estate climate.

Don't keep these wins to yourself and share them on social media for all to see.

When you sell a property, take the opportunity to take a picture of your clients holding a custom-made "sold" sign, standing in front of their new investment.

When a client buys a property, take a similar photo but this time have your clients hold a sign that says something like "Our First Home" or "Our First Investment Property". You could even bring your clients a bottle of champagne and take a picture of them toasting their real estate success.

24. Highlight a member of your team

Do you have support on your real estate business? You post likely do. Even if they're not hired by you directly and instead they're employed by your brokerage, you're still receiving support with your transactions. Take a moment to share something about an office assistant, a marketing aid, or anyone who helps with real estate transactions that goes above and beyond for the client.

25. Highlight the success of a colleague

Your real estate posts don't just need to be about you. Another great social media idea is to consider

highlighting a recent success of a colleague in your area.

26. Share a holiday greeting

While you don't want to miss out on posting about the major holidays, if you're looking to fill a gap in your social media posting schedule, consider posting about a lesser-known national holiday, the sillier the better.

There a many calendar's online that list all of the national holidays throughout the year. You can post about National Hug a Friend Day or National Eat a Sandwich Day.

Tie the post caption back to real estate with something like: "Tag the person you'd most like a share a sandwich with in this home" and include a photo of one of your most photogenic listings.

27. Housing market info

There are often many statistics and market reports circulating around and they can be hard to interpret for someone who is not a real estate expert. But fortunately, you are! Take one or two key parts of a recent market report and turn it into a catchy infographic to help educate your audience.

28. Post something personal

Do you have an exciting change coming up in your personal life? Remember that your social media feed doesn't always need to be about business. Don't be afraid to share personal stories and updates and accomplishments on social media.

29. Share something unique about your client experience

Do you give the best closing gifts out of any realtor you know? Do you take a property from contract to listed in record time? Do you offer the most bespoke features like staging, a single property website or premium postcards?

Whatever you're doing to offer your buyers and sellers the best client experience, shout it from the rooftops! Let everyone on social media now exactly how you go above and beyond to treat your clients like they're you're number one priority.

30. Share a personal real estate experience

Studies show that posts that share something personal tend to get earn greater engagement than more business-focused posts. That is because a personal post is much more interesting to a potential customer.

Create a post that shares a recent personal real estate experience you had. Did you recently buy a new house? How was your own buying experience.

Did you recently help your mom downsize to a condo? How did you help her decide on the perfect place?

32. Post about what made you become a realtor

This one is pretty self explanatory, but can be a great way to connect with your audience. People are often curious why someone chose the profession they're in and you shouldn't miss out on this opportunity to share.

Did you become a realtor to spend more time with your kids? Did you get your real estate license to have more flexibility with your time? Whatever the reason, be sure to share this with your social media audience.

33. Recommend a local service

Buying or selling a home can be a stressful time for some. There are so many things to coordinate such as hiring movers, stagers, cleaners, notaries.. you name it.

If you have local businesses you can recommend, this can be made into a great social media post. If your local licensing laws require that you share multiple recommendations at once, do problem! It's totally fine to share your top three recommended moving companies in the same post. People will just be grateful for the recommendations and that they didn't have to rely on a random Google search.

34. Share a design or renovation tip

Homeowners should consider remodeling their homes to add more space, but they should also think about adding a pool or hot tub. Adding these things will increase your home’s value and create an

inviting atmosphere.

35. Share a seasonal home maintenance tip

Each season offers a new opportunity for you to change some wall colors or decorations. You should share some of your favorite home decorating ideas for each season or holidays.

If you're finding it difficult to manage multiple social accounts, or are often not sure what to post, consider purchasing a content calendar to seep you on track.

Social media has become an integral part of our lives, and it’s no wonder why. It allows us to connect with friends, family, and even strangers.

With this in mind, we should not be surprised that social media has become a powerful tool for building a successful real estate business and expanding your sphere of influence. You don't need to master every social platform. Instead, focus on one or two that you feel the most comfortable with and post a variety of types of content, crafted with your target audience in mind.

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